Quilling Books

Quilled Mandalas


Paperback by Alli Bartkowski. Published by Lark Crafts.

30 paper projects for creativity and relaxation.

Explains the basic tools and techniques of quilling, from curling and crimping the paper to forming scrolls, strips and rolls. Detailed step-by-step photos show all the shapes needed for the projects, which come in an assortment of 4", 6" and 8" designs with projects for the beginner, intermediate and advanced quiller.
Two hot trends, paper quilling and mandala-themed crafting, come together in 30 new projects. Feel the calm and serenity created by the repetitive motions as you quill a Crimson Flower, Sunset, Snowflake, Peacock, and other vivid, beautiful mandalas.

Paperback, 144 pages, Full Color Illustrations

Quilled Flowers


Quilled Flowers: A Garden of 35 Paper Projects by Alli Bartkowski

Roll, mold, and shape colorful strips of paper into a bevy of petals, blooms, and bouquets for all occasion. Alli Bartkowski shares her fresh take on paper quilling with her own techniques and 35 original projects including greeting cards, place settings, jewelry, decorative pieces, and more, all of which shine a spotlight on the beauty of flowers. With how-to photos, step-by-step instructions, and templates for every project, Alli presents exactly what you'll need to create basic quilled shapes and dazzling paper blossoms.

Whether you're new to quilling or familiar with the craft, you'll delight in the abundance of project designs such as: Peony Bouquet, Zinnia Gift Bows, Rannuculus Hair Comb, Orchid Pin, Cherry Blossom Card, Calla Lily Photo Album and Pretty Potted Violets!

Paperback, 128 pages, Color Illustrations and Step-by-Step Instructions for 35 projects!

Pretty Quilled Cards


by Cecilia Louie
Quilled Card projects that are crafter-friendly, perfect for beginners and convenient for experienced quillers.
From a thank-you note to a cheery holiday message, here's a quilled card for every occasion! It's easy: just lay your paper strips on top of the full-size illustrations accompanying each project, and mark the length and folds as indicated. Plus, this pretty collection contains printed backgrounds to photocopy and use. Make greeting cards, gift tags, cupcake toppers, and more. Contains 25 full-color designs.
128 pages

Paper Quilling for the First Time


Paper Quilling for the First Time by Alli Bartkowski

Alli Bartowski helps beginners around the world learn quilling as the imaginative designer of unique kits. In Paper Quilling for the First Time, she teachers fourteen favorite techniques and provides appealing projects to illustrate them. With each step you take, you'll come to love this creative yet inexpensive craft all the more.

Paperback, 112 pages, Color Illustrations and Step-by-Step Instructions for approximately 22 projects!

3D Quilling Book


How to Make 20 Decorative Flowers, Fruit and More From Curled Paper Strips

Quilling--the art of creating eye-catching designs with curled strips of paper--is experiencing a revival. Simple, inexpensive supplies are all you need to get started making beautiful, free-standing sculptural flowers, animals, fruit, and more with quilled paper. The basic technique is easy to master: cut your paper into strips and curl, coil, and shape them, then assemble and attach them to create stunning sculptures to decorate your home.

This book includes step-by-step illustrated instructions on the basics of quilling and how to make 20 bold and vibrant three-dimensional paper sculptures. Create a wide range of detailed pieces, including flowers, fruit, insects, birds, and animals.

The Art of Paper Quilling


The Art of Paper Quilling by Claire Sun-ok Choi

Paper quilling is a beautiful and delicate art craft that involves curling, coiling, and combining strips of paper into unique designs. The Art of Paper Quilling offers paper crafters a complete introduction with a focus on simple, elegant projects. The designs are all built upon simple rolled coils of paper that when grouped together form intricate flowers, graceful butterflies and delicate scrollwork. 

Discover the history of the craft, and become proficient with tools, and basic techniques. Experiment with step-by-step project ideas for flowers, snowflakes, wreaths, and more. Learn how to frame your quilled designs, or use them to embellish greeting cards, books, journals, and many types of paper structures. 

Experienced crafters and inspired beginners alike will delight in the simple and beautiful projects featured in this exquisite collection of paper-art projects. 

127 pages, softcover, full color

Beautiful Quilling


This compilation includes 4 books in one! - Quilled Wildflowers by Janet Wilson - Three-Dimensional Quilling by Jane Jenkins - Miniature Quilling by Diane Boden Crane - Quilled Borders Motifs by Judy Cardinal

Combining the expertise of four quilling experts, crafters will learn how to create quilled wild flowers and fun, three-dimensional characters, how to scale down to make incredible miniatures, and how to create quilled borders and motifs to decorate papercraft or other projects.

Full details on the materials and tools needed for the projects, photographic walk-throughs of the techniques utilized to complete them, and templates are also included.

Paperback, 192 pages, Full Color Illustrations

Miniature Quilling


Create exquisite fairies, gorgeous flowers, and chocolates that look good enough to eat with this guide to miniature quilling. Step-by-step photographs and helpful instructions demonstrate how quilled crafts can adorn greetings cards and add flair to gift bags. Numerous innovative projects are provided that leave plenty of room for creating personalized designs. The basic equipment needed for quilling is also covered, making this a perfect resource for novice and expert crafters alike

Popular Quilling


Popular author Helen Walter presents her third collection of quilling projects, and these exquisite patterns go far beyond the traditional floral motifs. Paper crafters and stitchers will be delighted to find not only bromeliad, gerbera, and the slipper orchid, but animals and holiday designs too. Some of the most inspired come from Walter's native Australia, including a Red Kangaroo, graceful Emu, and a wide-winged Dancing Brolga. Christmas will be just a little merrier with handmade cards decorated with the Naïve Christmas Tree, cute Festive Mice, and cheery Poinsettia. A richly illustrated introduction explains all the basic techniques, tools, and shapes. A Selection of the Crafters Choice Book Club and F&W Book Clubs.

Twirly Q's


A brand-new book, a colourful new craft, and cute new friends-all rolled up in one. We're adding a few new faces to the Klutz family this season. They're colourful characters: small in stature but big in personality. And, even though they're a little tightly wound, you'll be happy to meet them. Each of these irresistibly cute creatures starts as a handful of corrugated cardboard strips, in an assortment of rainbow hues. Wind the strips into coils, then press them onto our custom shaping forms to create the round bellies and full dimension that bring each character to life. Next, easily assemble the pieces with our specially formulated tacky glue. Finally, add eyes and a few distinctive paper curls and flourishes. The results are totally charming: a sweet mouse, a spunky purple penguin, a decidedly plump bunny (to name just a few). Our always-clear instructions and everything-you-need package guarantee success. Whether you make one of the adorable animals shown in the book or create a character of your own invention, you'll feel as proud as a peacock. A paper peacock, that is.

Quilled Christmas


Quilled Christmas by Alli Bartkowski

Make this holiday season merry with charming quilled projects. 

Christmas is the perfect time to brighten your home and delight family and friends with handmade decorations, ornaments, stocking stuffers greeting cards, and gift packaging. In these thirty holiday-themed projects, Alli Bartkowski shows you how to roll, shape, and glue colorful paper strips into eye-catching framed art for your mantel, a handsome nutcracker figurine to display, dainty snowflake ornaments to hang on your tree, and a stunning poinsettia pin to wear at your next holiday party. Each project is designed for a specific skill level (beginner, intermediate, and advanced). Plus, you'll find an in-depth introduction, complete with step-by-step photos, to the essential techniques for making basic quilled shapes, elegant quillography, and dazzling linear art. 

The Art of Modern Quilling


The Art of Modern Quilling: Contemporary Paper Techniques & Projects for Captivating Quilled Designs by Erin Perkins Curet

Learn how to make beautiful quilled papercrafts - from simple shapes to earrings, charms, and mosaics. Each chapter builds on the one that came before and every project allows you to develop a difference skill as you create something useful, whimsical, or gift-able. Throughout, you'll discover new tools as well as how to use old tools in new ways.

Paperback, full color photo, 128 pages

Quilling: Techniques & Inspiration


Quilling: Techniques & Inspiration by Jane Jenkins

Jane Jenkins shows how to make amazing creations by just rolling, looping, twisting and curling little strips of paper. Learn all the techniques required through a series of beautiful projects, building skills as you create tulips, a butterfly, an Art Nouveau iris and more. There is plenty here to inspire the keen quiller, and all the beginner needs to get started in this fascinating craft. 

Paperback, 80 pages, Full Color Illustrations

Paper Quilling


Paper Quilling: All the Skills You Need to Make 20 Beautiful Projects by Elizabeth Moad

Elizabeth Moad takes you through simple step-by-step techniques to make 20 beautiful quilled projects for those special occasions in your life. Colouful papers and modern motifs such as flowers, balloons, hearts, owls and more are used to transform this traditional craft into contemporary designs suitable for all ages and styles. With minimal equipment you will soon be pinching, rolling, folding and coiling your way to creating stunning quilled cards, gift boxes, tags and wall art for your family and friends. 

Paperback, 96 pages, Full Color Illustrations

A Guide to Endangered Flora in Quilling


A Guide to Endangered Flora in Quilling by Helen Walter

A Guide to Endangered Flora in Quilling takes up the challenge to create new floral designs to appeal to quillers around the world. Helen Walter has come up with 42 designs based on engendered plant species, including a few that have long been extinct. 

Here you will find rare plants from Australia (the Dwarf Cycad, Piawaning Clawflower, Tall Donkey Orchid and others), China (Gingko), Africa (Wynberg Conebush, Polystachya, Oncoba and others), Europe (Viola di Ucria, Kythrean Sage, Snowdrop), St. Helena (Olive and Ebony), Easter Island (Toromiro Tree), the Americas (Chocolate Cosmos, Violet Blue-Eyed Mary, Franklin Tree and others), along with unique representations of species of Cooksonia and Archaeanthus, plants know only from fossils. 

The book includes descriptions of all the techniques required to complete the designs, and each design is accompanied by easy-to-follow instructions and colour photographs. 

Paperback, 120 pages, Full Color Illustrations