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A Guide to Endangered Flora in Quilling


A Guide to Endangered Flora in Quilling by Helen Walter

A Guide to Endangered Flora in Quilling takes up the challenge to create new floral designs to appeal to quillers around the world. Helen Walter has come up with 42 designs based on engendered plant species, including a few that have long been extinct. 

Here you will find rare plants from Australia (the Dwarf Cycad, Piawaning Clawflower, Tall Donkey Orchid and others), China (Gingko), Africa (Wynberg Conebush, Polystachya, Oncoba and others), Europe (Viola di Ucria, Kythrean Sage, Snowdrop), St. Helena (Olive and Ebony), Easter Island (Toromiro Tree), the Americas (Chocolate Cosmos, Violet Blue-Eyed Mary, Franklin Tree and others), along with unique representations of species of Cooksonia and Archaeanthus, plants know only from fossils. 

The book includes descriptions of all the techniques required to complete the designs, and each design is accompanied by easy-to-follow instructions and colour photographs. 

Paperback, 120 pages, Full Color Illustrations

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