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DecoArt® DuraClear Gloss Varnish

DecoArt® DuraClear Gloss Varnish


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Use this DecoArt® DuraClear gloss varnish to finish your painted projects. The 8-ounce bottle contains a non-yellowing formula that dries to a shiny, clear finish. This gloss varnish is suitable for use on almost any paintable surface, and it can be used indoors and out to keep your artwork from fading.

8oz. bottle for all you high gloss finished projects!

Check out some advice from one of our customers:

"This product is GREAT for firming up quilling! I’ve tried glue mixtures, Mod Podge, spray starch & stiffeners, hair spray, and more. Most did not stiffen, opened up the coils, or left parts shiny. Although this product says Satin finish, it does not leave a sheen or change the paper color. I simply dab this on with a brush, transfer the piece to a wire cooling rack, and use a straw to blow excess off. When dry, I flip and repeat.

Note: Have at least 2 brushes on hand. While side 1 is drying wash the first brush. Use the other clean dry brush on side 2."

-Debbie KK


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