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The Art of Paper Quilling


The Art of Paper Quilling by Claire Sun-ok Choi

Paper quilling is a beautiful and delicate art craft that involves curling, coiling, and combining strips of paper into unique designs. The Art of Paper Quilling offers paper crafters a complete introduction with a focus on simple, elegant projects. The designs are all built upon simple rolled coils of paper that when grouped together form intricate flowers, graceful butterflies and delicate scrollwork. 

Discover the history of the craft, and become proficient with tools, and basic techniques. Experiment with step-by-step project ideas for flowers, snowflakes, wreaths, and more. Learn how to frame your quilled designs, or use them to embellish greeting cards, books, journals, and many types of paper structures. 

Experienced crafters and inspired beginners alike will delight in the simple and beautiful projects featured in this exquisite collection of paper-art projects. 

127 pages, softcover, full color

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